Risks of US-China Geoeconomic Rivalry: Enhancing Small State Preparedness


What happens if the geoeconomic risks of great power rivalry materialise? What can be done to prevent these potential dangers from unfolding in small open economies, such as Finland and Sweden? More specifically, how can small state preparedness be enhanced to tackle the risks of foreign ownership, supply disruptions and high tech dependencies? How on earth can comic art be utilised to study these topics?

Ines Söderström is joined by researchers of the University of Turku's "Foreign acquisitions and political retaliation as threats to supply security in an era of strategic decoupling" (ForAc) project to discuss these questions.

Liisa Kauppila worked as a Senior Researcher of the ForAc project, bringing in her expertise on Futures Studies methods and China-related issues. Liisa has published very interesting articles on China’s role in the Arctic. Besides finalising her PhD at the Centre for East Asian Studies of the University of Turku, she’s currently working at the Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland in a project focusing on climate responsibility. She is also part of project that studies geopolitics of technology standards.

Elina Sinkkonen works as a Senior Research Fellow at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs. Elina’s wide research expertise ranges from great power relations, China’s domestic and foreign policy, authoritarian regimes, as well as national identity and nationalism related questions. At the moment, Elina is part of two projects that look at China’s innovativeness and technological know-how from different angles.

Ines Söderström worked as a research assistant in the ForAc Project. She is now finalising her master's degree at the Centre for East Asian Studies, University of Turku.

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