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Kristian Ly Serena, “Age-Inclusive Public Space” (Hatje Cantz, 2019)
Public spaces tend to over-represent facilities and spatial design for the young and the middle-aged, whereas elderly citizens are all too often neglected by contemporary urban design practice. Dominique Hauderowicz and Kristian Ly Serena‘s edited volume Age-Inclusive Public Space (Hatje Cantz, 2019) establishes a dialogue between architects and academic contributors... Read More
Jonathan Barnett, “Designing the Megaregion: Meeting Urban Challenges at a New Scale” (Island Press, 2020)
The US population is estimated to grow by more than 110 million people by 2050, and much of this growth will take place where cities and their suburbs are expanding to meet the suburbs of neighboring cities, creating continuous urban megaregions. There are now at least a dozen megaregions in... Read More
Diane Jones Allen, “Lost in the Transit Desert: Race, Transit Access, and Suburban Form” (Routledge, 2017)
Increased redevelopment, the dismantling of public housing, and increasing housing costs are forcing a shift in migration of lower income and transit dependent populations to the suburbs. These suburbs are often missing basic transportation, and strategies to address this are lacking. This absence of public transit creates barriers to viable... Read More
Cole Roskam, “Improvised City: Architecture and Governance in Shanghai, 1843-1937” (U Washington Press, 2019)
Shanghai’s role in shaping modern China and indeed the very idea of what modernity is in China can hardly be overstated. Much of this long-lasting influence can be seen in how the city itself came into being as a complex product of Chinese and colonial forces, and as Cole Roskam... Read More
Thaïsa Way, “GGN: Landscapes 1999 to 2018” (Timber Press, 2018)
Gustafson Guthrie Nichol (GGN) is a landscape architecture firm based in Seattle, Washington. GGN was founded in 1999 by Jennifer Guthrie, Shannon Nichol, and Kathryn Gustafson, and it is world-renowned for designing high-use landscapes in complex, urban contexts. Thaïsa Way’s GGN: Landscapes 1999 to 2018 (Timber Press, 2018) is the... Read More
Steven Stolman, “Heirloom Houses: The Architecture of Wade Weissmann” (Gibbs Smith, 2018)
In Heirloom Houses : the Architecture of Wade Weissmann (Gibbs Smith, 2018), Steven Stolman explains how the houses designed by Wade Weissmann and his firm tell the stories of the homeowners. Like beautiful music, a Wade Weissmann house is composed of notes and expressions, rhythm and syncopation, moving forward in... Read More
David Morton, “Age of Concrete: Housing and the Shape of Aspiration in the Capital of Mozambique” (Ohio UP, 2019)
Who built Africa’s cities? Going beyond the colonial archive and the planner’s gaze, David Morton’s Age of Concrete: Housing and the Shape of Aspiration in the Capital of Mozambique (Ohio University Press, 2019) describes the incremental process through which Maputo’s suburbios – popular neighborhoods outside the formally planned city –... Read More