New Books Network

Elizabeth DeLoughrey, “Allegories of the Anthropocene” (Duke UP, 2019)
While the mainstream discourses on global warming characterize it as an unprecedented catastrophe that unites the globe in a common challenge, Elizabeth DeLoughrey argues that this apparently cosmopolitan position is in truth a provincial one limited to privileged circles in the Global North. In Allegories of the Anthropocene (Duke University... Read More
Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, “The Dark Fantastic: Race and the Imagination from Harry Potter to the Hunger Games” (NYU Press, 2019)
Stories provide portals into other worlds, both real and imagined. The promise of escape draws people from all backgrounds to speculative fiction, but when people of color seek passageways into the fantastic, the doors are often barred. This problem lies not only with children’s publishing, but also with the television... Read More
Leah Price, “What We Talk About When We Talk About Books: The History and Future of Reading” (Basic Books, 2019)
Let’s talk about books! How, when, and what do you like to read? Have you ever thought about the history of books and reading? How about shape, size, or texture of your book? Where do books go after they’ve been digitized? Harvard University professor Leah Price asks these questions and... Read More
Gerry Milligan, “Moral Combat: Women, Gender and War in Italian Renaissance Literature” (U Toronto Press, 2018)
Gerry Milligan’s Moral Combat: Women, Gender and War in Italian Renaissance Literature (University of Toronto Press, 2018) takes as its subject the woman warrior in early modern Italy as she was and as she was represented across varied types of texts, both literary and historical. What emerges is a discursive construction... Read More
Jeremy Black, “England in the Age of Shakespeare” (Indiana UP, 2019)
Jeremy Black’s impressive new book offers an enormously wide-ranging account of the social, political and religious cultures in which England’s greatest dramatist was formed and found success. England in the Age of Shakespeare (Indiana University Press, 2019) draws together Black’s expansive reading in Shakespeare’s contexts with extensive knowledge of the... Read More
Tim Frandy, “Inari Sami Folklore: Stories from Aanaar” (U Wisconsin Press, 2019)
Inari Sámi Folklore: Stories from Aanaar (University of Wisconsin Press, 2019) is  rich multivoiced anthology of folktales, legends, joik songs, proverbs, riddles, and other verbal art, this is the most comprehensive collection of Sámi oral tradition available in English to date. Collected by August V. Koskimies and Toivo I. Itkonen... Read More
Benjamin Kahan, “The Book of Minor Perverts: Sexology, Etiology, and the Emergences of Sexuality” (U Chicago Press, 2019)
In this installment of New Books in History, Jana Byars talks with Benjamin Kahan, Associate Professor of English and Women’s and Gender Studies at LSU, about his newest work, The Book of Minor Perverts: Sexology, Etiology, and the Emergences of Sexuality (University of Chicago Press, 2019). Despite countless dropped calls,... Read More