New Books Network

Gerald R. Gems, “Sport and the Shaping of Civic Identity in Chicago” (Lexington Books, 2020)
The city of Chicago is one of the US’ most diverse cosmopolitan areas. Given the array of people who live in the city, it is reasonable to assume that the goals of the various communities differ in regard to sport and its social functions. Gerald R. Gems‘ new book, Sport... Read More
Kunio Hara, “Joe Hisaishi’s Soundtrack for My Neighbor Totoro Soundtrack” (Bloomsbury Academic, 2020)
A beloved Japanese anime move released in 1988, My Neighbor Totoro tells the story of two sisters, Satsuki and Mei, as they deal with the separation from their mother who is in the hospital, and their adventures with the forest creatures they meet called the Totoro. In Joe Hisaishi’s Soundtrack... Read More
Joseph Reagle, “Hacking Life: Systematized Living and its Discontents” (MIT Press, 2019)
Life hackers track and analyze the food they eat, the hours they sleep, the money they spend, and how they’re feeling on any given day. They share tips on the most efficient ways to tie shoelaces and load the dishwasher; they employ a tomato-shaped kitchen timer as a time-management tool.... Read More
Kristen Hoerl, “Bad Sixties: Hollywood Memories of the Counterculture, Antiwar, and Black Power Movements” (UP of Mississippi, 2018)
On this episode of the New Books Network, Dr. Lee Pierce (she/they)–Asst. Prof. of Rhetoric and Communication at the State University of New York at Geneseo–interviews Kristen Hoerl (she/hers) on her impressive new book The Bad Sixties: Hollywood Memories of the Counterculture, Antiwar, and Black Power Movements (University Press of Mississippi,... Read More
Nick Crossley, “Connecting Sounds: The Social Life of Music” (Manchester UP, 2020)
What does music tell us about society? In Connecting Sounds: The Social Life of Music (Manchester University Press, 2020), Nick Crossley, Professor of Sociology at the University of Manchester, introduces a relational sociology of music. The book thinks through the social and individual practices of music, the music industry, and... Read More
B. J. Hollars, “Midwestern Strange: Hunting Monsters, Martians, and the Weird in Flyover Country” (U Nebraska Press, 2019)
For a year, B. J. Hollars traveled the Midwest, or Flyover country as he refers to it, in search of monsters, aliens, and oddities. Midwestern Strange: Hunting Monsters, Martians, and the Weird in Flyover Country (University of Nebraska Press, 2019) documents his encounters with the weird and wonderful. Hollars examines... Read More
Great Books: Hillary Chute on Art Spiegelman’s “Maus”
 Art Spiegelman’s Maus is the story of an American cartoonist’s efforts to uncover and record his father’s story of survival of the Holocaust. It is also a cartoon, where the Jews are mice, the Nazis cats, the Poles dogs, and the French, well, you’ll have to read it. It’s a... Read More