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Fran Altvater, “Sacramental Theology and the Decoration of Baptismal Fonts” (Cambridge Scholars, 2017)
Fran Altvater talks about the Medieval Pilgrimage, a practice that became central to Christian Europe in the early Middle Ages and evolved into the military pilgrimages of the Crusades in the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries. Altvater is a professor of art history at the University of Hartford. Her book, Sacramental... Read More
Richard Whatmore, “Terrorists, Anarchists, and Republicans: The Genevans and the Irish in Time of Revolution” (Princeton UP, 2019)
In 1798, members of the United Irishmen were massacred by the British amid the crumbling walls of a half-built town near Waterford in Ireland. Many of the Irish were republicans inspired by the French Revolution, and the site of their demise was known as Genevan Barracks. The Barracks were the... Read More
Luis Martínez-Fernández, “Key to the New World: A History of Early Colonial Cuba” (U Florida Press, 2018)
From pre-contact, to first-contact, to colonization and beyond, Key to the New World: A History of Early Colonial Cuba (University of Florida Press, 2018) by Luis Martínez-Fernández is an easy-to-read, yet incredibly fascinating and informative book on the history of early Cuba. In this interview, Martínez-Fernández talks about his Latin... Read More
Winston Black, “The Middle Ages: Facts and Fictions” (ABC-CLIO, 2019)
Winston Black‘s new book The Middle Ages: Facts and Fictions (ABC-CLIO, 2019) guides readers through 10 pervasive fictions about medieval history, provides them with the sources and analytical tools to critique those fictions, and identifies what really happened in the Middle Ages. Aven McMaster and Mark Sundaram are historians and... Read More
Claire Chambers, “Making Sense of Contemporary British Muslim Novels” (Palgrave, 2019)
After the Rushdie affair in 1989 there was an important shift in the public life of British Muslims. Their image came under closer scrutiny which led to new social policies and self-perceptions. This moment also served as a significant pivot in the narrative and representational patterns in British Muslim literature. Claire... Read More
Chet Van Duzer, “Martin Waldseemüller’s ‘Carta marina’ of 1516: Study and Transcription of the Long Legends” (Springer, 2019)
Chet Van Duzer‘s new book Martin Waldseemüller’s ‘Carta marina’ of 1516: Study and Transcription of the Long Legends (Springer, 2019), presents the first detailed study of one of the most important masterpieces of Renaissance cartography. By transcribing, translating into English, and detailing the sources of all of the descriptive texts... Read More
Eleanor Parker, “Dragon Lords: The History and Legends of Viking England” (Bloomsbury Academic, 2019)
For all of their prominence in the popular imagination today, the historical record of the Viking presence in England is limited, with much of what we know about them dependent upon the literary accounts attached to it. In Dragon Lords: The History and Legends of Viking England (Bloomsbury Academic, 2019),... Read More