Sarah Banet-Weiser, “Empowered: Popular Feminism and Popular Misogyny” (Duke UP, 2018)
What is the relationship between popular misogyny and popular feminism? In Empowered: Popular Feminism and Popular Misogyny (Duke University Press, 2018), Sarah Banet-Weiser, Professor of Media and Communications and Head of Department at the LSE’s Department of Media and Communications, explores these two interrelated ideas in order to analyse a range of examples including... Read More
Laurie Frankel, “This is How it Always Is” (Flatiron Books, 2017)
In her new novel This is How it Always Is (Flatiron Books, 2017), Laurie Frankel tells the story of the Walsh-Adams family and how they grapple with the youngest child, the fifth son, who announces at age three that he wants to be a girl. While his four older brothers... Read More
Sara Egge, “Woman Suffrage and Citizenship in the Midwest, 1870-1920” (U Iowa Press, 2018)
While the campaign to win for women the right to vote in America was waged on a national scale, this often obscures the fact that the most of battles took place at the state level, where local perspectives were key. Sara Egge’s book Woman Suffrage and Citizenship in the Midwest,... Read More
Keisha Lindsay, “In a Classroom of Their Own: The Intersection of Race and Feminist Politics in All-Black Male Schools” (U Illinois Press, 2018)
According to most experts, boys have more trouble in schools than girls. Further, African-American boys have even more trouble than, say, white boys. What to do? According to some, one possible solution to the latter problem is all-Black male schools, or “ABMSs.” In her new book In a Classroom of Their... Read More
Brian Frederick, “American Presidential Candidate Spouses: The Public’s Perspective” (Palgrave MacMillan, 2018)
Laurel Elder, Brian Frederick, and Barbara Burrell are the authors of American Presidential Candidate Spouses: The Public’s Perspective (Palgrave MacMillan, 2018). Elder is professor of political science at Hartwick College; Frederick is associate professor and chair of political science at Bridgewater State University; Burrell is professor emeritus of political science... Read More
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