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Barbara Keys, “The Ideal of Global Sport: From Peace to Human Rights” (U Pennsylvania Press, 2019)
Today we are joined by Barbara Keys, Professor of US and International History at Durham University, and author and editor of The Ideal of Global Sport: From Peace to Human Rights (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2019). In our conversation, we discussed the origins of Olympism’s moral claims, the nexus between... Read More
Corey Sobel, “The Red Shirt” (UP of Kentucky, 2020)
At first, Miles Furling plays football to fit in. By eighth grade he realizes that he is both gay and a football player. After an unsuccessful attempt at honesty, he hides who he is and puts all his energy into being a successful high school linebacker. Now it’s the early... Read More
Ralph Carhart, “The Hall Ball” (McFarland, 2020)
Rescued in 2010 from the small creek that runs next to Doubleday Field in Cooperstown, New York, a simple baseball launched an epic quest that spanned the United States and beyond. For eight years, “The Hall Ball” went on a journey to have its picture taken with every member of... Read More
Ron Snyder, “The Baltimore Stallions: The Brief, Brilliant History of the CFL Champion Franchise” (McFarland, 2020)
A few years ago, I came across an article entitled “‘Who Do I Root for Now?’: The Impact of Franchise Relocation on the Loyal Fans Left Behind: A Case Study of Hartford Whaler Fans,” by Craig G. Hyatt. This essay focused on the void left in the lives of aficionados... Read More
James Carter, “Champions Day: The End of Old Shanghai” (Norton, 2020)
Shanghai’s status as a bustling, international place both now and in the past hardly needs much introduction, although the centrality of horse racing to the earlier incarnation of the city’s cosmopolitanism is less known. Taking activities at the erstwhile Shanghai Race Club as a lens through which to examine life... Read More
J. Iber and M. Longoria, “Latinos in American Football: Pathbreakers on the Gridiron, 1927 to the Present” (McFarland, 2020)
Today we are joined by Jorge Iber, Professor of History and Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Science at Texas Tech, and Mario Longoria, a long-time author and educator who received his PhD in English in 2014. The two are the authors of Latinos in American Football: Pathbreakers... Read More
Lou Hernandez, “Bobby Maduro and the Cuban Sugar Kings” (McFarland, 2019)
There are two key elements of today’s professional baseball that are informed by Lou Hernandez’s wonderful book Bobby Maduro and the Cuban Sugar Kings (McFarland, 2019): the increased presence of Latinos both on the field and off in MLB, and the interest of MLB to promote its game internationally, particularly... Read More
Sasha Abramsky, “Little Wonder: The Fabulous Story of Lottie Dod, the World’s First Female Sports Superstar” (Akashic Books, 2020)
Today we are joined by Sasha Abramsky, author of Little Wonder: The Fabulous Story of Lottie Dod, the World’s First Female Sports Superstar (Akashic Books, 2020). Lottie Dod is not a familiar name among casual sports fans but should be. She won the first of her five Wimbledon titles when... Read More
José Alamillo, “Deportes: The Making of a Sporting Mexican Diaspora” (Rutgers UP, 2020)
In Deportes: The Making of a Sporting Mexican Diaspora (Rutgers University Press, 2020), Professor José Alamillo, a specialist in Chicana/o Studies, Labor, and Sports history, examines the powerful way Mexican Americans have used sports to build transnational networks for personal and community empowerment across the United States and Mexico before... Read More
Jeremy Bhandari, “Trust the Grind: How World-Class Athletes Got to the Top” (Mango Publishing, 2020)
Sixteen athletes from eleven sports arenas. Each chapter tells a different story, as each superstar shares the habit that helped them accomplish their goals and reach the pinnacle of their profession. Sports fanatic or not. Guaranteed to tap into your athletic edge, Jeremy Bhandari’s Trust the Grind: How World-Class Athletes... Read More