David A. Hopkins

Feb 12, 2018

Red Fighting Blue

How Geography and Electoral Rules Polarize American Politics

Cambridge University Press 2017

purchase at bookshop.org Do we live in a country of red and blue states or something more purple-ish? The red state/blue state meme of 2000 has really never gone away, and scholarly debate, as well as frequent media attention, has argued for its merits and demerits. Are we a sharply divided and polarized nation or simply one divided by electoral rules that exacerbate relatively small partisan differences? In David A. Hopkins' Red Fighting Blue: How Geography and Electoral Rules Polarize American Politics (Cambridge University Press, 2017), he sets out to reconcile many aspects of this debate. He argues for the importance of geography in the context of constitutionally-established electoral procedures, especially the Electoral College. He shows the ways that changes in party coalitions and the rising importance of ideology and issues for the two parties, relate to the electoral map. Hopkins is associate professor of Political Science at Boston College.

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