Beverley Clough and Jonathan Herring, "Disability, Care and Family Law" (Routledge, 2021)


Disability, Care and Family Law (Routledge 2021) examines the issues at the intersection of disability, care and family law. Professors Beverley Clough and Jonathan Herring challenge dominant narratives in family law, which disadvantage people with disabilities. The book enables the questioning of structural norms in policy and society which situates disability as private familial concern. It calls to the forefront marginalised voices to unveil complexities in seemingly neutral laws when applied to people with disabilities. The book engages with highly topical issues - for example, mothering a child who is in prison and is disabled, children who care for their disabled parents, deprivations of liberty of children with disabilities, and more. By bringing these complex issues together, the book moves beyond the dyad between care and disability relations in the context of family law. This is an important book for disability lawyers, family lawyers and scholars of vulnerability, care theory and relational theory. It will have significant implications for policy makers and practitioners. 

Professor Beverley Clough is a Professor of Law and Social Justice at Manchester Metropolitan University. She is also the author of The Spaces of Mental Capacity Law: Moving Beyond Binaries.

Professor Jonathan Herring is the DM Wolfe-Clarendon Fellow in Law, Exeter College, University of Oxford. He is the author of several monographs, including The Right To Be Protected From Committing Suicide

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