Edward Vickers and Xiadong Zeng

May 22, 2017

Education and Society in Post-Mao China

Routledge 2017

purchase at bookshop.org Dr. Edward Vickers, Professor of Comparative Education at Kyushu University, joins New Books Network to discuss his recently published book, entitled Education and Society in Post-Mao China (Routledge Studies in Education and Society in Asia, 2017). He co-authored the book along with Xiaodong Zeng, Professor at Beijing Normal University. The book chronicles educational development in post-Mao PR China. In just 40 years, the nation and its educational system rapidly transformed, ranging from subtle reforms made after the Chairman's death in 1976 to rapid changes that came about with the Reform and Opening, culminating with the current international craze seen in the country's educational sector today. The book covers the important aspect of this development, with a keen sense of politics and power.
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