Exiled in America: About the Lives of Registered Sex Offenders


Before Darts and Letters there was a documentary series called Cited. This is one of those documentaries.

This episode is about the lives of sex offenders in the USA. The researcher in this story, Chris Drum actually went and lived with sex offenders, so it’s a fascinating insight into life with some of the most reviled people in the country.

This is the last of our “ideas in strange places” theme, next week our theme is “politics of education”, and we’ll be running episodes from our catalogue with a different theme each week until we launch the new season of Darts and Letters on September 18th.

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This piece was produced by Gordon Katic and edited by Sam Fenn, as well as Alison Cooke of the CBC. Further support from Alexander B. Kim. Research advising from University of Washington Sociologist Katherine Beckett.

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