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This is about ‘arts and letters,’ but for the kind of people who might hack a dart. We cover public intellectualism and the politics of academia from a left perspective. Each week, we interview thinkers about key debates that are relevant to the left. We discuss politics, culture, and intellectual history.

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Why Do So Many Young People Think the Unabomber was Right?

June 30, 2023

Why Do So Many Young People Think the Unabomber was Right?

Darts and Letters is creating a new podcast, Academic Edgelords. This is a scholarly podcast about scholarly provocateurs. This is a leftist podcast …

Doctor Ex Machina: AI in Medicine and its Pitfalls

June 13, 2023

Doctor Ex Machina

Casey Ross and Ben Chin-Yee

Could an artificial intelligence diagnosis what ails you? Medical futurists offer a techno-utopian vision of perfect personalized risk assessments, di…

Exiled in America: About the Lives of Registered Sex Offenders

July 22, 2022

Exiled in America

Chris Drum

Before Darts and Letters there was a documentary series called Cited. This is one of those documentaries. This episode is about the lives of sex offe…

Prison Notebooks

July 21, 2022

Prison Notebooks

Chandra Bozelko and Justin Piché

I can point you to mountains of research about prisons. I can also recommend at least a dozen Netflix documentaries, and highlight a handful of radica…