Ira Helderman

Oct 24, 2019

Prescribing the Dharma

Psychotherapists, Buddhist Traditions, and Defining Religion

University of North Carolina Press 2019

purchase at Buddhism and psychotherapy have been in conversation since the days of Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, and Erich Fromm. Today, when practices drawn from Buddhism have entered the mainstream, that conversation continues in multiple dimensions. In Prescribing the Dharma: Psychotherapists, Buddhist Traditions, and Defining Religion (University of North Carolina Press, 2019), Ira Helderman looks at the ways psychotherapists, some of them also active as leaders of Dharma communities, have engaged Buddhism, both as individuals and in their approach to their psychotherapeutic practice. He relies on his own research, interviews with therapists, and fieldwork in a field that continues to take new forms.
Jack Petranker is the founder of Founder, Center for Creative Inquiry and Full Presence Mindfulness.

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Jack Petranker is Founder and Senior Teacher at the Center for Creative Inquiry and the Director of the Mangalam Research Center in Berkeley, CA. He presents programs in Full Presence Mindfulness, an approach grounded in the teachings of Tibetan lama Tarthang Tulku.

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