Beth Kurland, "You Don't Have to Change to Change Everything" (Health Communications, 2024)


One of the most significant sources of suffering comes from our human tendency to avoid difficult emotions. We are not taught how to face these unpleasant, often daily inner experiences (mind-body energies) and so we tend to push them away, ignore them, or become unwittingly overwhelmed by them. Yet how we meet and greet these difficult emotions has everything to do with our well-being, resilience, and ability to connect with ourselves and others.Instinctually, we fight against our uncomfortable emotions; in doing so, we reinforce messages of “not good enough” or “something is wrong with me that I am feeling this way.”

In You Don't Have to Change to Change Everything (Health Communications, 2024), readers learn that instead of forcing themselves to feel “happy” and pushing away what is unpleasant, or instead of getting hooked by intense emotions, another path can lead to more profound well-being. Rather than trying to change one’s inner experiences, this book offers six ways to shift one’s vantage point when difficult emotions arise. Being aware from each of these six vantage points allows readers to cultivate inner stability, willingness to turn toward rather than away from themselves, greater perspective, internal strengths and inner resources, self-compassion, connection with the “Whole Self” versus identification with “hole self,” and interconnection with the world around them.

Beth Kurland  

Dr. Beth Kurland is a clinical psychologist, TEDx and public speaker, mind-body coach and author of four books. Her newest book, You Don’t Have to Change to Change Everything: Six Ways to Shift Your Vantage Point, Stop Striving for Happy, and Find True Well-Being, helps readers to discover a deep “well” of well-being within and realize they don’t need to fix or change themselves to awaken the power of inner transformation. Beth is also the author of three award winning books. Her book Dancing on the Tightrope: Transcending the Habits of Your Mind and Awakening to Your Fullest Life identifies five obstacles that get in the way of our well-being, and offers five tools to transform those obstacles into lasting inner resources for peace, resilience and joy. Her book The Transformative Power of Ten Minutes: An Eight Week Guide to Reducing Stress and Cultivating Well-Being offers readers practical tools for implementing short, daily practices within the course of their day to bring about lasting change. Her book Gifts of the Rain Puddle: Poems, Meditations and Reflections for the Mindful Soul invites readers to awaken to what is most important in their lives through poems, meditations, and questions for reflection.

Beth is a regular blog writer for Psychology Today and is a meditation teacher on the app Insight Timer.

Inspired by her personal experiences and her work with her clients, Beth is passionate about teaching mindfulness informed practices, mind-body strategies, and practical tools to help people cultivate whole person health and well-being. She is the creator of the Well-Being Toolkit online program and the creator of three audio courses to help people reduce stress, awaken to their fullest life, and set heartfelt intentions that stick. She offers individual and group coaching for powerful personal transformation. Visit her website at to learn more.

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