Krystal Mazzola Wood, "Setting Boundaries: 100 Ways to Protect Yourself, Strengthen Your Relationships, and Build the Life You Want...Starting Now!" (Adams Media, 2023)


Build healthy boundaries, manage difficult relationships, and live a happy life in accordance with your personal values with this unique, activity-based supplement to start or support your therapy practice.

Setting boundaries can be tough—you don’t want to disappoint other people, but you also don’t want to be stuck in a situation that makes you uncomfortable or unhappy. The good news is that setting healthy boundaries is really a good thing that can make you happier and strengthen those relationships you were so worried about.

So how do you get started? Setting boundaries is an important skill, and the only way to get better is by practicing. In Setting Boundaries: 100 Ways to Protect Yourself, Strengthen Your Relationships, and Build the Life You Want...Starting Now! (Adams Media, 2023), you’ll find 100 activities that will help you become better at setting boundaries. Dive into activities that will get you thinking about and practicing those boundaries that are most important to you.

You’ll learn:
-How to find your boundary-setting role model to encourage you in those tough moments
-How to consider your authentic schedule…and then how to give up on tasks and activities that don’t match your values to set boundaries around your personal time
-How to develop authentic holiday celebrations while navigating complicated family situations
-How to say no gently
-And much more!

Whether you’re a recovering people pleaser or want to build new boundaries that match other changes in your life, these activities will give you the tools you need to get started. Boundaries are healthy, important, and even necessary to create the life you want—so start building your happier life today!

Krystal Mazzola Wood is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She founded the Healthy Relationship Foundation to help people experience greater self-love and deeper intimacy with others. Krystal is the author of two bestselling books: The Codependency Recovery Plan: A 5 Step Guide to Understand, Accept, and Break Free from the Codependent Cycle and The Codependency Workbook: Simple Practices for Developing and Maintaining Your Independence. She also maintains the blog, Confidently Authentic, which focuses on mentally healthy dating advice. Krystal lives in Phoenix, AZ, with her husband and their rescue pets, a cat and a dog.

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