Nadia Davis, "Home Is Within You: A Memoir of Recovery and Redemption" (Girl Friday Books, 2021)


Home Is Within You

As a young Latina and Native American lawyer and former wife of California’s attorney general and treasurer, Nadia Davis has long been subjected to public scrutiny. In this powerful ah-mage homage to finding one’s worth in the face of mental health struggles, addiction, and public shaming, Davis shares her remarkable story.

She reveals the depths of the darkness she went through, while gracefully offering transformational healing and an end to the choking grasp of shame.

Lyrical and captivating, Home Is Within You: A Memoir of Recovery and Redemption (Girl Friday Books, 2021) recounts the author’s experience of trauma and addiction amid a highly publicized abusive relationship.

Davis is brutally honest about her experiences and generous in revealing the paths she found to wholeness through spiritual advocacy, healthy co-parenting, and a dedication to preventing generational trauma.

Home Is Within You shares one woman’s courageous journey to recovery as a mother and as a woman, and her narrative is a defense of privacy, parenthood, and autonomy.

Nadia Davis is the mother of three sons, a writer, attorney, kundalini yoga teacher and former executive director and elected official.

She graduated from U.C.L.A. with a degree in Sociology and Specialization in Juvenile Justice, Loyola Law School with a Doctorate, and has received numerous state and national awards for her work improving the lives of others, including the John F. Kennedy Jr. Public Service Award, National Womens' Political Caucus Woman of the Year, and Hispanic Woman of the Year L.U.L.A.C. Her journey of recovery from childhood and adult trauma, a near death car accident, chronic pain, public shaming, addiction and mental health is an inspiration to many. She shows readers a way out of darkness into connection with their infinite true selves and our home within. Nadia lives in Southern California happily co-parenting her three sons. For more information, please visit her website.

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