Kristi Andersen

Feb 22, 2013

New Immigrant Communities

Finding a Place in Local Politics

Lynne Rienner 2010

purchase at Kristi Andersen is the author of New Immigrant Communities: Finding a Place in Local Politics (Lynne Rienner, 2010). Andersen is professor of political science at Syracuse University. Previous to her latest, she published After Suffrage: Women in Partisan and Electoral Politics Before the New Deal and The Creation of a Democratic Majority, 1928-1936. Her latest book places a pressing issue of the day, how to fully incorporate newcomers into US society, in a political context. Rather than emphasize the individual, this book focuses on the group and the political resources immigrant groups possess, access, and are shut out from. The qualitative method focused on six cities captures a rich understanding of nuance and detail. Read along with other more quantitative analyses of the subject, the field of political science has been better able of late to grapple with the immigrant question. Andersen's book is a highly recommended read.

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