Marvin Scott, "As I Saw It: A Reporter's Intrepid Journey" (Beaufort Books, 2017)


Marvin Scott's new book, As I Saw It: A Reporter's Intrepid Journey (Beaufort Books, 2017) tells 26 stories of memorable people and events that the veteran TV journalist gathered during a career spanning more than 50 years. Scott estimates that he's told more than 15,000 stories and interviewed 30,000 people for print, radio and television. He describes himself as a journalist who has "tried to stick to old-fashioned reporting, just the facts, without adding my personal views." He also writes that "at the heart of every story, big and small, is a person. It is people who make the news." The winner of 11 Emmy Awards, Scott is currently the senior correspondent at New York's WPIX-TV. He has written for the New York Herald Tribune as well as Parade Magazine and has worked as a radio reporter for the Mutual Broadcasting System and at such television outfits as CNN, WNEW, and WABC. In this New Books Network interview, Marvin Scott recounts some of the stories he covered including one he did on Charlie Walsh, the bank thief who became a New York celebrity. He also describes how he managed to interview Abraham Zapruder and how many years later, he synced Zapruder's recorded words to the 26-second amateur film he had shot of the Kennedy assassination in Dallas. Scott champions traditional, shoe-leather reporting and laments the influence of social media outlets that publish first and check the facts later.
Bruce Wark is a freelance journalist and retired journalism professor based in the Sackville, New Brunswick. Laura Landon is a librarian at Mount Allison University.

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