Richard Kreitner, The Nation Almanac (2)


The Nation magazine is one of America's most distinguished journalistic enterprises featuring the writing and work of such notable people as Calvin Trillin, Noam Chomsky, Jessica Mitford, James Baldwin and Naomi Klein. The Nation was founded 150 years ago this July. It's America's oldest weekly magazine. To mark its 150th anniversary, it's publishing a daily blog called The Almanac compiled by the magazine's archivist, Richard Kreitner. The Almanac looks at significant historical events that took place on each day of the year and how The Nation covered them. In this New Books Network podcast, you'll hear Richard Kreitner talk about The Nation's coverage of events from May 10 to May 16. Everything from The Nation's strong backing for Israel's declaration of independence in 1948 to the prowess of boxer Joe Louis and the death of Bob Marley.

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