Myanmar’s Failed Coup: A Roundtable Discussion


Why has the military junta that seized power in Myanmar on February 1 failed to gain popular support and legitimacy? How credible are attempts by the opposition to form an alternative government in exile? Have strikes and civil disobedience run their course? Why are those opposed to the military turning towards violent resistance? And what future scenarios might we expect to unfold in the months ahead?

In this conversation with NIAS Director Duncan McCargo, from a recent event co-hosted by the Danish Institute for International Studies and the New York Southeast Asia Network, four experts with extensive field experience in Myanmar share their views on the country’s current political quandary.


  • Ardeth Maung Thawnghmung, Professor and Chair of Political Science, University of Massachusetts, Lowell.
  • Myat The Thitsar, PhD candidate, University of Massachusetts, Lowell.
  • Liv Stoltze Gaborit, Postdoctoral researcher, Lund University and co-founder of Myanmar Action Group Denmark
  • Helene Maria Kyed, Senior researcher and head of research unit, Danish Institute for International Studies

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