Paul McClean

Oct 1, 2019

McClean Design

Creating the Contemporary House

Rizzoli 2019

purchase at Paul McClean grew up in Ireland, where he studied architecture before moving to Southern California and establishing McClean Design. Over the past 18 years it has grown into one of the leading contemporary residential design firms in Los Angeles. Today we're taking about McClean Design: Creating the Contemporary House (Rizzoli, 2019) Design is not just a job for Paul McClean; it's a dream realized from his childhood. It is his passion. This is evident in every one of his visionary custom-built residences. His firm’s projects reflect an interest in modern living and a desire to connect their clients to the beauty of the surrounding natural environment. The incorporation of water and the elimination of the barrier between indoors and outdoors are hallmarks of McClean’s designs. His firm makes extensive use of glazing systems to maximize views and provide a warm light-filled contemporary space. With his designs, McClean strives for simplicity with expansive views. He places an emphasis on texture and natural materials with the homes he creates, and his firm is committed to environmentally sustainable design practices. McClean Design continues to strive for excellence in design and to push the boundaries of imagination in creating extraordinary spaces they hope will provide enjoyment for many years to come. McClean’s eponymous firm has become one of the leading contemporary residential design firms in Southern California, with a reach that can be felt as far as British Columbia.

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