Nuzhat Abbas, "River in an Ocean: Essays on Translation" (Trace Press, 2023)


What are the histories, constraints, and possibilities of language in relation to bodies, origins, land, colonialism, gender, war, displacement, desire, and migration? Moving across genres, memories, belongings, and borders, River in an Ocean: Essays on Translation (Trace Press, 2023) invites readers to consider translation as a form of ethical and political love—one that requires attentive regard of an other and a making and unmaking of self. “River in an Ocean, as the title implies, blurs borders between self and others, between translators and their subjects, inscribing the process of translation…on the page.”  Ibrahim Fawzy, Poetry Birmingham Literary Journal

In this episode, Ibrahim and Nuzhat Abbas discuss translation as “decolonial feminist work” and the process of editing this volume, which includes essays by poets, writers, and translators. 

Ibrahim Fawzy is a literary translator and academic based in Egypt. His interests include translation studies, Arabic literature, ecocriticism, and disability studies.

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