Scott Meinke

Jun 20, 2016

Leadership Organizations in the House of Representatives

Party Participation and Partisan Politics

University of Michigan Press 2016

purchase at Scott Meinke has just published Leadership Organizations in the House of Representatives: Party Participation and Partisan Politics (University of Michigan Press, 2016). He is associate professor of political science at Bucknell University. How have Congressional organizations changed over time? How have House leaders used policy organizations and committees over time? Meinke has answered these questions in his new book. Through extensive archival and quantitative research, he shows the way these organizations have changed since the 1970s. Increasingly, House leaders use party organizations to advance the party's policy agenda and to exchange information with supporters outside of Congress. As such, Meinke's book fits into the ongoing exploration of the Congressional polarization and points in the direction of possible Congressional reforms.

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