Stephen Klasko, "Bless This Mess: A Picture Story of Healthcare in America" (Lulu Publishing, 2018)


Our neighbors on other planets look with puzzlement at the United States, located on the beautiful planet Earth. Despite amazing knowledge, discovery, and skill, healthcare delivery in this country is expensive, episodic, not customer-friendly, and much better for citizens with lots of money than those with less. Dr. Stephen Klasko’s book asks if this country can find the resolve to embrace change, learn from other planets (or at least other countries and industries on this planet), and create an optimistic future for an ideal delivery system? In a picture story that embraces disruption and transformation, this journey through time and space offers a humorous exploration of the weaknesses of the American healthcare delivery system. Bless This Mess: A Picture Story of Healthcare in America (Lulu Publishing Services, 2018) asks how we might re-imagine how we teach, how we care, and how we put an end to health disparities ... and get us closer to the holy grail of a believable understandable bill! The challenge is ours. Will we take it?
Jeremy Corr is the co-host of the hit Fixing Healthcare podcast along with industry thought leader Dr. Robert Pearl. A University of Iowa history alumnus, Jeremy is curious and passionate about all things healthcare, which means he’s always up for a good discussion! Reach him at

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