The Politics of Branding Kazakhstan and Qatar with Kristin Eggeling


In this episode, Kristin Eggeling from the University of Copenhagen talks to Petra Desatova of NIAS about her recently published book Nation-Branding in Practice: The Politics of Promoting Sports, Cities and Universities in Kazakhstan and Qatar (Routledge 2020). How do Kazakstan and Qatar brand themselves to the outside world and their own citizens? What lies behind Kazakstan’s re-branding of its capital city Nur-Sultan (formerly Astana)? And how does one even research this elusive concept of nation branding?

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Petra Alderman

Petra Alderman (prev. Desatova) is an associate researcher at the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies and a post-doctoral research fellow at the International Development Department at the University of Birmingham. Her research interests lie in the area of authoritarian legitimation, electoral studies and promotional politics. Her regional focus is on Southeast Asia and has a particular expertise on Thailand.

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