Toby Cosgrove, "The Cleveland Clinic Way: Lessons in Excellence from One of the World’s Leading Health Care Organizations" (McGraw-Hill Education, 2014)


American healthcare is in crisis. It doesn't have to be. Dr. Toby Cosgrove's The Cleveland Clinic Way: Lessons in Excellence from One of the World’s Leading Health Care Organizations (McGraw-Hill Education, 2014) is a blueprint for fixing what's wrong with healthcare―and is a must-read for every leader seeking to transform his or her organization. There's a revolution going on right now. On the frontiers of medicine, some doctors have developed an approach for treating people that is more effective, more humane, and more affordable. It's an approach to healthcare that has captured the attention of the media and business elite--and the President of the United States. It's all happening at Cleveland Clinic, one of the most innovative, forward-looking medical institutions in the nation. In this groundbreaking book, the man who leads this global organization, Cosgrove reveals how the Clinic works so well and argues persuasively for why it should be the model for the nation. He details how Cleveland Clinic focuses on the eight key trends that are shaping the future of medicine. Readers will learn: • Why group practices provide not only better--but cheaper--care • Why collaborative medicine is more effective • How big data can be harnessed to improve the quality of care and lower costs • How cooperative practices can be the wellspring of innovation • Why empathy is crucial to better patient outcomes • Why wellness of both mind and body depends on healthcare, not sickcare • How care is best provided in different settings for greater comfort and value • How tailor-made care treats a person instead of a disease At its core is Cleveland Clinic's emphasis on patient care and patient experience. A refreshingly positive and practical vision of healthcare, The Cleveland Clinic Way is essential reading for healthcare and business executives, medical professionals, industry analysts, and policymakers. It gives leaders lessons they can apply to their own organizations to achieve results and empowers average Americans to make more informed healthcare decisions.
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