Rebecca Colesworthy

Jul 25, 2022

University Press

A Discussion with Rebecca Colesworthy

New Books Network 2022

Rebecca Colesworthy talks about the university press and how its workings should be demystified, what authors should keep in mind when they pitch their books, and what university presses do for the state of academic labor.

Rebecca Colesworthy (she/her) is senior acquisitions editor at SUNY Press. Her areas of acquisition include literary studies, women’s and gender studies, queer studies, Latin American and Iberian studies, Latinx studies, African American studies, Indigenous studies, and education. She is the author of Returning the Gift: Modernism and the Thought of Exchange (Oxford UP, 2018) and co-editor with Peter Nicholls of How Abstract Is It? Thinking Capital Now (Routledge, 2016). She is on the editorial board of MAUSS International; has taught at New York University, University at Albany, SUNY, and Skidmore College; worked for a handful of years in the nonprofit sector; and holds a PhD in English from Cornell.

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