Using History to Better Finance and Build Social Wealth


Esoteric and frequently disinterested in the public good, financial institutions can be hard to navigate for those seeking to advance social welfare. My Episode 10 guest Paul Katz of the Jain Family Institute is trying to change that by building innovative tools to help visionary leaders in Brazil grow social wealth. During our lively exchange, Paul helped me understand how much history fits into his efforts and his organization's vision. We talked about Paul's discovery of his superpowers derived from a PhD in history, the importance of being a well-rounded researcher, and how it's often difficult to separate neatly quant from qual. We also discussed the significance of networking and wondered why historians routinely undervalue their expertise, thereby undercutting their chances of success in non-academic domains. Ultimately, our conversation is about the surprising ways to use history for the public good, contribute to organizational effectiveness, and explore new horizons for professional growth.

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Patryk Babiracki

Patryk Babiracki is a historian, researcher and writer; professor & MA student advisor at the University of Texas at Arlington. PhD from Johns Hopkins. Promoter of #AppliedHistory: using historical concepts, frameworks, and methodologies to solve real-world organizational problems.

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