Father James Martin, SJ

Jan 27, 2023

What if You're Gay?

Starting Conversations with and about LGBT Catholics

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Since 2016, and with the blessing of Pope Francis, Father Jim Martin has been talking with LGBT Catholics about their relationship with their church. That’s the subject of his book, Building a Bridge, and also a documentary film by the same title; we talk about what the bridge is and where it might take us. He also reflects on his vocation as a Jesuit priest and editor-at-large at America Magazine: the Jesuit Review and about his travels in the Holy Land.

In this episode we refer back to earlier conversations, including episode 16 with Colleen Dulle of America Media and episode 17 with Fr. Greg Boyle, SJ of Homeboy Industries, both from May of 2022.

In response to this episode, Garrett Johnson who works with Courage, the Catholic Apostolate for people experiencing same-sex attraction, shared with me a very different approach to this question than the one Fr Jim presents.

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