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Sarah Pinsker, “A Song for a New Day” (Berkley, 2019)
Sarah Pinsker’s A Song for a New Day (Berkley, 2019) explores how society changes following two plausible disasters: a surge in terrorism and a deadly epidemic. In the Before, people brush against each other in crowded cities, gather in stadiums to watch baseball games, and hang out in clubs to... Read More
Jim Clarke, “Science Fiction and Catholicism: The Rise and Fall of the Robot Papacy” (Gylphi, 2019)
Ah, science fiction: Aliens? Absolutely. Robots? Of course. But why are there so many priests in space? As Jim Clarke writes in Science Fiction and Catholicism: The Rise and Fall of the Robot Papacy (Gylphi, 2019), science fiction has had an obsession with Roman Catholicism for over a century. The... Read More
Craig DiLouie, “Our War” (Orbit, 2019)
In science fiction, “near future” usually refers to settings that are a few years to a few decades off. But Craig DiLouie’s Our War (Orbit, 2019)—about a second U.S. civil war that starts after the president is impeached and convicted but refuses to step down—feels as if it might be only weeks away.... Read More
H. G. Parry, “The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep” (Redhook, 2019)
While all fiction writers can pull characters from their imaginations and commit them to the page, most readers can’t do what Charley Sutherland can: pull characters from the page and commit them to the real world. Sutherland’s fantastical ability is at the center of H.G. Parry’s debut novel The Unlikely Escape of... Read More
John Birmingham, “The Cruel Stars” (Del Rey, 2019)
After writing more than 30 books, including memoirs, military science fiction, alternate histories, and a book of writing advice, John Birmingham was ready to try his hand at the sweeping and dramatic science fiction subgenre known as space opera. But you’d never know The Cruel Stars (Del Rey, 2019) is his first attempt at... Read More
Annalee Newitz, “The Future of Another Timeline” (Tor, 2019)
Amid a wave of time travel books published this year, Annalee Newitz’s The Future of Another Timeline (Tor, 2019) stands out for its focus on a woman’s right to obtain a safe abortion. The book opens in an alternate America in which women gained the right to vote in the 1870s (rather... Read More
Cadwell Turnbull, “The Lesson” (Blackstone Publishing, 2019)
In Cadwell Turnbull’s The Lesson (Blackstone Publishing, 2019), the U.S. Virgin Islands serve as Earth’s entry point for the Ynaa, beings from a far corner of the universe whose intentions and desires are as complex as the humans who come to loathe them. The Ynaa (pronounced EE-nah) claim to come... Read More