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François-Xavier Fauvelle, “The Golden Rhinoceros: Histories of the African Middle Ages” (Princeton UP, 2018)
What are the African Middle Ages? A place, certainly, and a time period, evidently. But also a “documentary regime,” argues François-Xavier Fauvelle. How do we reconstruct these centuries of the African past in the face of a daunting lack of sources? In thirty-four thoughtful vignettes, Fauvelle takes us along for... Read More
Chhaya Goswami, “Globalization Before Its Time: The Gujarati Merchants from Kachchh” (PRH India, 2016)
Chhaya Goswami’s Globalization Before Its Time: The Gujarati Merchants from Kachchh (Penguin Random House India) asks: How did the Kachchhi traders build on the Gujarat Advantage? In the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, during the dying days of the Mughal empire, merchants from Kachchh established a flourishing overseas trade. Building... Read More
Stephanie Newell, “Histories of Dirt: Media and Urban Life in Colonial and Postcolonial Lagos” (Duke UP, 2019)
Stephanie Newell, Professor of English at Yale University, came to this project, which explores the concept of “dirt” and how this idea is used and applied to people and spaces, in a rather indirect way, having read the memoirs and journals of merchant traders – particularly the white British traders... Read More
Anais Angelo, “Power and the Presidency in Kenya: The Jomo Kenyatta Years” (Cambridge UP, 2020)
Anais Angelo, postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for African Studies at the University of Vienna has written an exceptional book entitled Power and the Presidency in Kenya: The Jomo Kenyatta Years (Cambridge University Press) in CUP’s prestigious African Studies Series. Angelo’s book analyses the little-studied institution of the Office of... Read More
Omar H. Ali, “Malik Ambar: Power and Slavery across the Indian Ocean” (Oxford UP, 2016)
Omar H. Ali’s Malik Ambar: Power and Slavery across the Indian Ocean (Oxford University Press, 2016), provides insight into the life of slave soldier Malik Ambar. It offers a rare look at an individual who began in obscurity in the Horn of Africa and reached the highest levels of South... Read More
Pernille Røge, “Economistes and the Reinvention of Empire: France in the Americas and Africa c. 1750-1802” (Cambridge UP, 2019)
In her new book, Economistes and the Reinvention of Empire: France in the Americas and Africa, c. 1750-1802 (Cambridge UP, 2020), Dr. Pernille Røge charts the confluence and reciprocal impacts of ideas and policies espoused by political economists, colonial administrators, planters, and entrepreneurs to reform the French empire in the... Read More
Sana Aiyar, “Indians in Kenya: The Politics of Diaspora” (Harvard UP, 2015)
In Indians in Kenya: The Politics of Diaspora (Harvard University Press, 2015), Sana Aiyer investigates how Indian diasporic actors influenced the course of Kenya’s political history, from partnering with Europeans in their colonial mission in East Africa to political solidarity with Africans in their anticolonial struggles. Working as merchants, skilled tradesmen,... Read More
Jacob Mundy, “Libya” (Polity Press, 2018)
Jacob Mundy is associate professor of PCON at Colgate University  He’s written a great book titled Libya, published in 2018 in Polity Presses’ “Hot Spots in Global Politics” series. Jacob’s book is part-history, part-political science to guide readers through the intricate maze of foreign and Libyan actors and institutions that define... Read More
Jeff Schauer, “Wildlife between Empire and Nation in 20th-Century Africa” (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019)
The protection of African wildlife enjoys the support of large numbers of individuals and institutions throughout the world. In Wildlife between Empire and Nation in Twentieth-Century Africa (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019), Jeff Schauer explains how this global attention to African wildlife evolved from late nineteenth century to the present. By tracing... Read More
Jeremy Black, “A Brief History of the Mediterranean” (Little Brown, 2020)
Jeremy Black, the prolific professor of history at Exeter University, has published A Brief History of the Mediterranean (Little Brown, 2020), to offer readers an overview of this sphere from pre-history to the present day. Taking in the importance of geography, civilizational change and cultural representations, Black moves between disciplines... Read More