British Studies

British Studies


Interviews with scholars of the United Kingdom about their new books.

Nicholas Taylor-Collins, "Shakespeare, Memory, and Modern Irish Literature" (Manchester UP, 2022)

May 24, 2024

Shakespeare, Memory, and Modern Irish Literature

Nicholas Taylor-Collins
Hosted by Helen Penet

In this interview, Dr. Nicholas Taylor-Collins discusses his most recent book Shakespeare, Memory, and Modern Irish Literature (Manchester UP, 2022). …

Jane Hamlett and Julie-Marie Strange, "Pet Revolution: Animals and the Making of Modern British Life" (Reaktion Books, 2023)

May 23, 2024

Pet Revolution

Jane Hamlett and Julie-Marie Strange
Hosted by Miranda Melcher

Pet Revolution: Animals and the Making of Modern British Life (Reaktion, 2023) by Dr. Jane Hamlett & Dr. Julie-Marie Strange tracks the British love a…

Robert Lyman, "A War of Empires: Japan, India, Burma, and Britain: 1941–45" (Osprey, 2021)

May 21, 2024

A War of Empires

Robert Lyman
Hosted by Ari Barbalat

In 1941 and 1942 the British and Indian Armies were brutally defeated and Japan reigned supreme in its newly conquered territories throughout Asia. Bu…

Jason A. Kerr, "Milton's Theological Process: Reading de Doctrina Christiana and Paradise Lost" (Oxford UP, 2023)

May 21, 2024

Milton's Theological Process

Jason A. Kerr
Hosted by Crawford Gribben

This volume proposes a method for reading Milton's De Doctrina Christiana as an artifact of his process of theological thinking rather than as a repos…

Jeremy Black, "In Fielding's Wake" (St. Augustine's Press, 2022)

May 21, 2024

In Fielding's Wake

Jeremy Black
Hosted by Charles Coutinho

In the second volume of The Weight of Words Series, In Fielding's Wake (St. Augustine's Press, 2022), Jeremy Black continues his efforts to present an…

Kate Morgan, "The Walnut Tree: Women, Violence and the Law – A Hidden History" (Mudlark, 2024)

May 19, 2024

The Walnut Tree

Kate Morgan
Hosted by Miranda Melcher

'A woman, a dog and a walnut tree, the more they are beaten, the better they’ll be.' So went the proverb quoted by a prominent MP in the Houses of Par…

James A. Cosby, "Rock Music, Authority and Western Culture, 1964-1980" (McFarland, 2024)

May 19, 2024

Rock Music, Authority and Western Culture, 1964-1980

James A. Cosby
Hosted by Rameen Mohammed

The history of rock and roll music can be seen in a long arc of Western civilization's struggle for both greater individual expression and societal st…

Priya Satia, "Empire of Guns: The Violent Making of the Industrial Revolution" (Bloomsbury, 2019)

May 18, 2024

Empire of Guns

Priya Satia

From the seventeenth to the nineteenth century, the industrial revolution transformed Britain from an agricultural and artisanal economy to one domina…

Mari Takayanagi and Elizabeth Hallam Smith, "Necessary Women: The Untold Story of Parliament's Working Women" (The History Press, 2023)

May 18, 2024

Necessary Women

Mari Takayanagi and Elizabeth Hallam Smith
Hosted by Miranda Melcher

When suffragette Emily Wilding Davison hid overnight in the Houses of Parliament in 1911 to have her name recorded in the census there, she may not ha…

Anna Brinkman, "Balancing Strategy: Sea Power, Neutrality, and Prize Law in the Seven Years' War" (Cambridge UP, 2024)

May 18, 2024

Balancing Strategy

Anna Brinkman
Hosted by Miranda Melcher

What is the relationship between seapower, law, and strategy? In Balancing Strategy: Seapower, Neutrality, and Prize-Law in the Seven Years' War (Camb…

Ambereen Dadabhoy, "Shakespeare Through Islamic Worlds" (Routledge, 2023)

May 17, 2024

Shakespeare Through Islamic Worlds

Ambereen Dadabhoy

Shakespeare through Islamic Worlds (Routledge, 2024) investigates the peculiar absence of Islam and Muslims from Shakespeare’s canon. While many of Sh…

Joanne Edge, "Onomantic Divination in Late Medieval Britain: Questioning Life, Predicting Death" (York Medieval Press, 2024)

May 11, 2024

Onomantic Divination in Late Medieval Britain

Joanne Edge
Hosted by Miranda Melcher

When will I die? What is the sex of my unborn child? Which of two rivals will win a duel? As today, people in the later Middle Ages approached their u…

Richard Dannatt and Robert Lyman, "Victory to Defeat: The British Army 1918-40" (Bloomsbury, 2023)

May 10, 2024

Victory to Defeat

Richard Dannatt and Robert Lyman
Hosted by Charles Coutinho

The British Army won a convincing series of victories between 1916 and 1918. But by 1939 the British Army was an entirely different animal. The hard-w…

Mark Dooley, "Roger Scruton: The Philosopher on Dover Beach" (Bloomsbury, 2024)

May 9, 2024

Roger Scruton: The Philosopher on Dover Beach

Mark Dooley
Hosted by Crawford Gribben

Roger Scruton was one of the outstanding British philosophers of the post-war years. Why then was he at best ignored and at worst reviled? In Roger Sc…

Kris Butler, "Drink Maps in Victorian Britain" (Bodleian Library, 2024)

May 8, 2024

Drink Maps in Victorian Britain

Kris Butler
Hosted by Miranda Melcher

What is a ‘drink map’? It may sound like a pub guide, yet it actually refers to a type of late nineteenth-century British map designed specifically to…

Michael Gilson, "Behind the Privet Hedge: Richard Sudell, the Suburban Garden and the Beautification of Britain" (Reaktion Books, 2024)

May 3, 2024

Behind the Privet Hedge

Michael Gilson
Hosted by Miranda Melcher

Britain is a nation of gardeners; the suburban garden, with its roses and privet hedges, is widely admired and copied across the world. But it is litt…

Justin O’Connor, "Culture is Not an Industry: Reclaiming Art and Culture for the Common" (Manchester UP, 2024)

May 1, 2024

Culture is Not an Industry

Justin O’Connor
Hosted by Michael Johnston

According to Dr. Justin O’Connor, culture is at the heart of what it means to be human. But twenty-five years ago, the British government rebranded ar…

Victoria Sparey, "Shakespeare's Adolescents: Age, Gender and the Body in Shakespearean Performance and Early Modern Culture" (Manchester UP, 2024)

April 30, 2024

Shakespeare's Adolescents

Victoria Sparey
Hosted by Miranda Melcher

Shakespeare's Adolescents: Age, Gender and the Body in Shakespearean Performance and Early Modern Culture (Manchester UP, 2024) by Dr. Victoria Sparey…

George R. Boyer, "The Winding Road to the Welfare State: Economic Insecurity and Social Welfare Policy in Britain" (Princeton UP, 2019)

April 29, 2024

The Winding Road to the Welfare State

George R. Boyer
Hosted by Mark Klobas

The creation of the postwar welfare state in Great Britain did not represent the logical progression of governmental policy over a period of generatio…

Sarah A. Bendall, "Shaping Femininity: Foundation Garments, the Body and Women in Early Modern England" (Bloomsbury, 2021)

April 28, 2024

Shaping Femininity

Sarah A. Bendall
Hosted by Miranda Melcher

In sixteenth and seventeenth-century England, the female silhouette underwent a dramatic change. This very structured form, created using garments cal…