Jonathan Fulton, “China’s Relations with the Gulf Monarchies” (Routledge, 2018)
Jonathan Fulton‘s China’s Relations with the Gulf Monarchies (Routledge, 2018) sheds light on China’s increasing economic role at a moment that the traditionally dominant role in international oil markets of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf oil producers is changing as a result of the United States having become more or less... Read More
Van Jackson, “On the Brink: Trump, Kim, and The Threat of Nuclear War” (Cambridge UP, 2019)
In his new book, On the Brink: Trump, Kim, and The Threat of Nuclear War (Cambridge University Press, 2019), Van Jackson succinctly explains the major issues facing U.S.-North Korea relations since the Korean Armistice Agreement. Eminently readable, On The Brink argues that the 2017 nuclear crisis was a product of a gradual... Read More
Derek Hird and Geng Song, “The Cosmopolitan Dream: Transnational Chinese Masculinities in a Global Age” (Hong Kong UP, 2018)
China’s global rise has been analysed from many perspectives in recent years. But pressing questions over how understandings of gender – and particularly masculinity – have been changing amidst increasing mutual contact between China and the wider world have been asked less often. Derek Hird and Geng Song are among... Read More
Anne Reinhardt, “Navigating Semi-Colonialism: Shipping, Sovereignty, and Nation-Building in China, 1860–1937” (Harvard U Asia Center, 2018)
At at time when trade between China and the outside world is rarely out of the news, it remains important to remember that in centuries past global commerce moved in directions very different from those which dominate the present. This was especially evident during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries when... Read More
Judd C. Kinzley, “Natural Resources and the New Frontier: Constructing Modern China’s Borderlands” (U Chicago Press, 2018)
As public knowledge grows of the Chinese state’s subjugation of the central Asian region of Xinjiang, many may find themselves wondering what Beijing’s interest in this distant region is in the first place. Judd Kinzley’s new book Natural Resources and the New Frontier: Constructing Modern China’s Borderlands (University of Chicago... Read More
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