East Asian Studies
Chinese Studies October 23, 2020

The Chinese Deathscape

Grave Reform in Modern China

Thomas S. Mullaney

Hosted by Luca Scholz
In the past decade alone, more than ten million corpses have been exhumed and reburied across the Chinese landscape. The campaign has transformed China's graveyards into sites of acute personal …

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Chinese Studies October 22, 2020

Anxious China

Inner Revolution and Politics of Psychotherapy

Li Zhang

Hosted by suvi rautio
The breathless pace of China’s economic reform has brought about deep ruptures in socioeconomic structures and people’s inner landscape. Faced with increasing market-driven competition and profound social changes, more and …
East Asian Studies October 22, 2020

Japanese War Crimes during World War II

Atrocity and the Psychology of Collective Violence

Frank Jacob

Hosted by Kelly McFall
When you mention Japanese War crimes in World War Two, you’ll often get different responses from different generations. The oldest among us will talk about the Bataan Death March. Younger …
East Asian Studies October 21, 2020

Trade Wars Are Class Wars

How Rising Inequality Distorts the Global Economy and Threatens International Peace

Michael Pettis and Matthew C. Klein

Hosted by Nicholas Gordon
Trade imbalances have long been a sticking point in international economics, most recently between the United States and China. The conversation about persistent trade imbalances tends to take on a …
Literary Studies October 20, 2020

A History of Taiwan Literature

Christopher Lupke (trans.)

Hosted by Steven Wills
Ye Shitao was a Taiwanese public intellectual who rose to prominence in the second half of the twentieth century. His encyclopedic A History of Taiwan Literature was published in 1987 …
Chinese Studies October 16, 2020

Critical Reflections on China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Alan Chong and Quang Min Pham

Hosted by James Dorsey
Political scientists Alan Chong and Quang Min Pham bring with their edited volume, Critical Reflections on China’s Belt and Road Initiative (Palgrave MacMillan, 2020), originality as well as dimensions and …
Chinese Studies October 15, 2020

China’s National Security

Endangering Hong Kong’s Rule of Law?

Cora Chan and Fiona de Londras

Hosted by Jane Richards
On July 1, 2020, China introduced a National Security Law into Hong Kong partly in an attempt to quell months of civil unrest, as a mechanism to safeguard China’s security …
East Asian Studies October 7, 2020

Cosmopolitan Rurality, Depopulation, and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in 21st-Century Japan

John W. Traphagan

Hosted by Nathan Hopson
John W. Traphagan’s Cosmopolitan Rurality, Depopulation, and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in 21st-Century Japan (Cambria Press, 2020) presents a series of deeply contextualized ethnographies of small-business entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial ecosystem of …
Film October 5, 2020

Feeding the Dragon

Inside the Trillion Dollar Dilemma Facing Hollywood, the NBA, and American Business

Chris Fenton

Hosted by Nick Pozek
For seventeen years, Chris Fenton served as the president of DMG Entertainment Motion Picture Group, a multi-billion-dollar global media company headquartered in Beijing. He has produced or supervised twenty-one films …
East Asian Studies September 30, 2020

Faith and Reason in Continental and Japanese Philosophy

Reading Tanabe Hajime and William Desmond

Takeshi Morisato

Hosted by Roman Paşca
Faith and Reason in Continental and Japanese Philosophy: Reading Tanabe Hajime and William Desmond (Bloomsbury, 2019) by Takeshi Morisato is a book that brings together the work of two significant …
East Asian Studies September 30, 2020

Buddhist Magic

Divination, Healing, and Enchantment through the Ages

Sam van Schaik

Hosted by Olivia Porter
As far back as we can see in the historical record, Buddhist monks and nuns have offered services including healing, divination, rain making, aggressive magic, and love magic to local …
East Asian Studies September 28, 2020

Spirits and Animism in Contemporary Japan

Fabio Rambelli

Hosted by Daigengna Duoer
In Japan, a country popularly perceived as highly secularized and technologically advanced, ontological assumptions about spirits (tama or tamashii) seem to be quite deeply ingrained in the cultural fabric. From …
Chinese Studies September 25, 2020

Unending Capitalism

How Consumerism Negated China's Communist Revolution

Karl Gerth

Hosted by Sarah Bramao-Ramos
Karl Gerth’s new book, Unending Capitalism: How Consumerism Negated China's Communist Revolution (Cambridge University Press, 2020) details how the state created brands, promoted and advertised particular products, set up department …
East Asian Studies September 25, 2020

Cold Wars

Asia, the Middle East, Europe

Lorenz M. Lüthi

Hosted by Charles Coutinho
What was the Cold War that shook world politics for the second half of the twentieth century? Standard narratives focus on Soviet-American rivalry as if the superpowers were the exclusive …
East Asian Studies September 24, 2020

Tibetan Buddhism among Han Chinese

Mediation and Superscription of the Tibetan Tradition in Contemporary Chinese Society

Joshua Esler

Hosted by Daigengna Duoer
While Tibetan Buddhism continues to face restrictions and challenges imposed by the state in contemporary China, it has in fact entered mainstream Chinese society with a growing middle-class and even …
East Asian Studies September 23, 2020

Champions Day

The End of Old Shanghai

James Carter

Hosted by Ed Pulford
Shanghai’s status as a bustling, international place both now and in the past hardly needs much introduction, although the centrality of horse racing to the earlier incarnation of the city’s …
Food September 23, 2020

The Chile Pepper in China

A Cultural Biography

Brian R. Dott

Hosted by Joshua Tham
In China, chiles are everywhere. From dried peppers hanging from eaves to Mao’s boast that revolution would be impossible without chiles, Chinese culture and the chile pepper have been intertwined …
East Asian Studies September 21, 2020

Rebel City

Hong Kong's Year of Water and Fire

Zuraidah Ibrahim and Jeffie Lam

Hosted by Nick Pozek
In June of 2019, a proposed amendment to Hong Kong’s Fugitive Offenders Ordinance, sparked widespread protests across the region. Protestors saw in the bill a threat to the judicial independence …
East Asian Studies September 21, 2020

Last Days of the Mighty Mekong

Brian Eyler

Hosted by Patrick Jory
The Mekong River is one of the world’s great rivers. From its source in the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau it snakes down through southern China and then borders or runs through all …