New Books Network

Christopher Houston, “Istanbul, City of the Fearless: Urban Activism, Coup D’Etat, and Memory in Turkey” (U California Press, 2020)
Based on extensive field research in Turkey, Istanbul, Christopher Houston‘s new book Istanbul, City of the Fearless: Urban Activism, Coup D’Etat, and Memory in Turkey (University of California Press, 2020) explores social movements and the broader practices of civil society in Istanbul in the critical years before and after the... Read More
Chelsea McCracken, “A Grammar of Belep” (Walter de Gruyter, 2019)
Chelsea McCracken talks about her new book A Grammar of Belep (Walter de Gruyter, 2019). McCracken is Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences at Dixie State University and Senior Research Analyst of the Coalition for Responsible Home Education. She became involved in the homeschool reform movement as a result... Read More
Great Books: Denis Hollier on Lévi-Strauss’ “Tristes Tropiques”
Claude Lévi-Strauss’ Tristes Tropiques is one of the great books of the 20th century: intellectually bold, morally capacious, and it aims to understand nothing less than the elemental workings of the human mind. Ostensibly a travelogue and ethnographic account of a European’s fieldwork among indigenous people in mid-20th century Brazil,... Read More
Oliver Kaplan, “Resisting War: How Communities Protect Themselves” (Cambridge UP, 2020)
Reporters and scholars often focus on violence and victimization: “if it bleeds, it leads.” But unarmed civilians around the world often protect themselves against armed combatants using social processes to reduce the violence perpetrated against them. Oliver Kaplan’s case studies of Colombia – with extensions to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, and... Read More
J. S. Hirsch and S. Khan, “Sexual Citizens: A Landmark Study of Sex, Power, and Assault on Campus” (Norton, 2020)
The fear of campus sexual assault has become an inextricable part of the college experience. Research has shown that by the time they graduate, as many as one in three women and almost one in six men will have been sexually assaulted. But why is sexual assault such a common... Read More
Sanjib Baruah, “In the Name of the Nation: India and its Northeast” (Stanford UP, 2020)
Sanjib Baruah’s latest book In the Name of the Nation: India and its Northeast (Stanford University Press, 2020) completes a trilogy on India’s northeastern borderland region of which the first two are India Against Itself: Assam and the Politics of Nationality (1999) and Durable Disorder: Understanding the Politics of Northeast... Read More
Marco Z. Garrido, “The Patchwork City: Class, Space and Politics in Metro Manila” (U Chicago Press, 2019)
In contemporary Manila, slums and squatter settlements are peppered throughout the city, often pushing right up against the walled enclaves of the privileged, creating the complex geopolitical pattern of what sociologist Marco Garrido calls the “patchwork city.” Synthesizing literature in political sociology and urban studies, Garrido shows how experiences along... Read More