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Abraham Kuyper, “On Education” (Lexham Press, 2019)
Abraham Kuyper was one of the most important theologians in the Dutch Reformed tradition – and a newspaper editor, university founder and Prime Minister to boot. Lexham Press are publishing his “Collected Works in Public Theology,” in editions that bring together his writings on business, economics, the arts and other... Read More
John N. Singer, “Race, Sports, and Education: Improving Opportunities and Outcomes for Black Male College Athletes” (Harvard Ed Press, 2019)
College sport is a multi-billion dollar industry. The men and women who lead the teams in the most important conferences often make millions of dollars between their coaching salaries and endorsement deals. But what about the athletes themselves? Most get a “free ride” (tuition, food and board), but is that... Read More
H. Appel, S. Whitley, C. Kline, “The Power of Debt: Identity and Collective Action in the Age of Finance” (IID, 2019)
As the upcoming 2020 U.S. election finally brings questions of economic justice center stage, this episode discusses the powerful short open-source book The Power of Debt: Identity and Collective Action in the Age of Finance (Institute on Inequality and Democracy, 2019). The book was published by the Institute on Inequality... Read More
E. Wakild and M. K. Berry, “A Primer for Teaching Environmental History: Ten Design Principles” (Duke UP, 2018)
Emily Wakild and Michelle K. Berry have written a practical, informative, and inspiring guide to teaching environmental history. It also happens to be fun. A Primer for Teaching Environmental History: Ten Design Principles (Duke University Press, 2018) offers strategies and approaches that educators can apply in a variety of settings:... Read More
Stanley Fish, “The First: How to Think About Hate Speech” (One Signal, 2019)
Stanley Fish is a well-known scholar regarding the First Amendment and free speech. In his latest book, The First: How to Think About Hate Speech, Campus Speech, Religious Speech, Fake News, Post-truth, and Donald Trump (One Signal, 2019), Professor Fish discusses the popular and legal meanings of the First Amendment’s... Read More
Ajantha Subramanian, “The Caste of Merit: Engineering Education in India” (Harvard UP, 2019)
What is merit? How is it claimed? In her much-awaited book The Caste of Merit: Engineering Education in India (Harvard University Press, 2019), Ajantha Subramanian addresses the pertinent question of caste inheritance and privilege in the making of merit and meritocracies. Focusing her attention on the premier institutions of engineering... Read More
David Brooks, “The Second Mountain: The Quest for a Moral Life” (Random House, 2019)
Colleges and universities can play a virtual role in the moral, intellectual and spiritual development of a student’s life. But there is a growing mismatch between the culture of many campuses, and the challenges young people will face in their careers, politics and personal lives Author and columnist David Brooks... Read More