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Trevor Mattea is the second and third grade teacher at Cascade Canyon School, an independent school in Marin County focused on relationships and the whole child. He previously taught at High Tech Elementary Chula Vista, a project-based school in San Diego, and Stevenson PACT Elementary School, a progressive school with parent participation in Silicon Valley. For the past four years, Trevor has consulted throughout the country to support teachers and administrators with deeper learning, digital portfolios, project-based learning, parent engagement, and technology integration. He is also the host of the New Books in Education podcast as well as the former director of Imagineerz Learning, a Bay Area summer camp integrating social-emotional learning with making and design thinking. As an educator, his interests include supporting student-directed learning, fostering community, and sharing high-quality student work outside the classroom. He is a Google Certified Educator and Trainer and was recognized as the Silicon Valley CUE Outstanding Emerging Teacher in 2015. He holds an M.A. in Education from Stanford University and an A.B. in Political Science from Washington University in St. Louis.
Trevor Mattea is an educational consultant and speaker. His areas of expertise include deeper learning, parent involvement, project-based learning, and technology integration. He can be reached by email at tsmattea@pm.me or on Twitter at @tsmattea.
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