Dec 31, 2018


New Books in Political Science 2018

purchase at To wrap up the year and look ahead to 2019, we talked about the books we loved. There were so many great books in 2018, that we had the chance to mention just a few. Lilly reviewed her interview with Elizabeth Cohen about The Political Value of Time and Emily Nacol on An Age of Risk. She also mentioned her recent talk with Lynn Vavreck about her co-authored by with Michael Tesler and John Sides, Identity Crisis. On the top of Heath’s list was Jamila Michener’s book on Medicaid, Fragmented Democracy, and Deondra Rose’s book on higher education policy, Citizens by Degree. We finish our conversation with some books we are looking forward to in 2019. Thanks to all of our loyal NB in Political Science podcast listeners!

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Heath Brown and Lilly Goren