Rajika Bhandari and Alessia Lefebure, "Asia: The Next Higher Education Superpower?" (2015)


The development of higher education in Asia has been as dramatic as the region's rapid economic rise. The landscape of this diverse and ever-changing sector is thoroughly explored in Asia: The Next Higher Education Superpower? (Institute of International Education [IIE] and the American Institute For Foreign Study Foundation, 2015). Dr. Rajika Bhandari, IIE' Deputy Vice President for Research and Evaluation, and Dr. Alessia Lefebure, Director of the Alliance at Columbia University and Adjunct Professor at the university's School of International and Public Affairs, edited this in-depth volume exploring Asian higher education by bringing together a globally and culturally diverse group of experienced academics, up-and-coming researchers, and even practitioners.The multiple perspectives provided throughout the book weave an expansive analysis of the region's rich higher educational tapestry--from the reverence of international rankings, to issues of quality control, the branch campus phenomenon, and a myriad of other focused and fascinating inquiry.

Dr. Lefebure joins New Books in Education for the interview. For questions or comments on the podcast, you can also find the host on Twitter at @PoliticsAndEd.

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