Matthew A.M. Thomas et al., "Examining Teach For All: International Perspectives on a Growing Global Network" (Routledge, 2021)


Teach for America (TFA) continues to be the single largest preparation program for teachers in the United States. As that program grew in the US (attracting attention, support, and controversy in the process), it also expanded overseas with TFA-like programs (starting with TeachFirst in the UK) currently on the ground in over 50 countries.

How has the internationalization of TFA gone in countries with different cultures and different educational systems than the American one in which the program originated? And what might “going global” mean as TFA transforms from a national to an international phenomenon?

Three scholars who have been tracking TFA/TFAll trajectory join us today at New Books Network to discuss Examining Teach for All: International Perspectives on a Growing Global Network (Routledge, 2021) which brings together the work of over a dozen researchers examining TFAll programs around the world from a range of perspectives.

You can learn more about the editors of Examining Teach for All at: Matthew A.M. ThomasEmilee RauschenbergerKatherine Crawford-Garrett

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