Collaborate to Research, Collaborate to Partner, Collaborate to Mentor


Listen to this interview of Rajkumar Buyya, Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor, University of Melbourne, and Director there too of the Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems Labs. We talk about collaborating within a discipline, collaborating across multiple disciplines, and also collaborating with industry partners.

Rajkumar Buyya : "I consider the research coming from my group not just as the publication of a plain paper, but also as what we call paper++ and by that we mean, a paper along with something extra. So, we publish a foundation paper but we also release our software via Open Source in the community. That way, when we've shared our software, people start using our technology, and that sparks another kind of collaboration, because now the community might find some weakness in the software and if they come back to us with that, we can do that work together."

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