Word Embeddings for Model-Driven Engineering


Listen to this interview of José Antonio Hernández López, postdoc in the Department of Computer and Information Science, Software and Systems, Linköping University, Sweden; and Jesús Sánchez Cuadrado, Professor, Department of Computing and Systems, Universidad de Murcia, Spain. We talk about their paper Word Embeddings for Model-Driven Engineering (MoDELS 2023).

Jesús Sánchez Cuadrado : "Actually, there are two target readers for our paper. One is anyone interested in the results because they are researchers who will try to improve what we have done or because they want to build better models. So, of course, for this reader, the results are very important. But we envisioned another target reader: Someone who'll just use the artifact. And for this reader, the results are less important, because they might just go quickly to the evaluation section and see how our results improve on the SOTA, and really, that's enough for their purposes."

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