Communication Is the Selection of What to Say and How to Say It


Listen to this interview of Miroslaw Staron, Editor-in-Chief of Information and Software Technology and Professor in the Software engineering division, Chalmers | University of Gothenburg. We talk about the collaboration and mentorship which publishing is meant to be.

Miroslaw Staron : "The communication through academic publication is of course important to every researcher's CV. But really, it's much more important for science overall. If we cannot communicate our ideas, then we cannot make those ideas available to the scrutiny of others. That is, if we are unable to show what we have actually worked on and which kind of methodology we have used to do that work, and if we can't really describe the kind of results we have achieved — then really, I mean, just ask yourself, how should someone else ever be able to get back to us to say, 'Yes, this is a good idea,' or, ‘No, this is a bad idea, but I know how to do it right'? Because that is the way to move the field forward — it all rests on the communication."


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