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Listen to this interview of Paris Avgeriou, Editor in Chief of the Journal of Systems and Software (together with David Shepherd). Paris is Full Professor of Software Engineering at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. We talk about peer review, journal editing, and scientific writing.

Paris Avgeriou : "I actually think that authoring and reviewing are very close to one another, because when you review a paper, you actually start thinking how to improve it — what the strong points are and also what the points for improvement are. So, by getting into this sort of mentality — that is, by noticing what is wrong with the paper and how to make it better — this makes you a better author, because when you review other people's work, you start to understand what makes a paper strong and what needs revising to make it stronger. And so, when someone who reviews regularly goes to write their own papers, they automatically start thinking about these things. So, in fact, reviewing other people's work makes you a better author yourself."


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