Daniel Bolnick, Editor in Chief of "The American Naturalist"


Listen to this interview of Daniel Bolnick, Editor in Chief of The American Naturalist and Professor of evolution and ecology at the University of Connecticut. We talk about the role of research journals today and we talk about the location of research journals in the big endeavor that is called science.

Daniel Bolnick : "Ultimately, research articles are technical. Articles have to deal with the mathematics or with the details of the physiology or the neurobiology that they're dealing with. But the authors can create a wrapper around that technical core that makes it digestible. I like to think of it as when you're taking a medicine. You have the actual pharmacological content that you're delivering to your body, but you can wrap it in something that makes it easier to swallow and hopefully that conveys the medicinal effect at just the time and in just the right dosage. And so, I think the same thing is true of the research article. You can have a deeply technical content, but if it's bracketed, bookended by a very clear exposition of 'What is it that we don't know right now?' Okay, and: 'Here's what I've done, and here's how it resolves that thing that we didn't know or the thing that we suspected but now know to be true.' And that can all be conveyed in a very accessible language ideally."

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