Elizabeth Cronin, "Mindfulness Journal for Mental Health: Prompts and Practices to Improve Your Well-Being" (Rockridge Press, 2022)


Improve your mental health and well-being through guided journaling It's impossible to avoid stress entirely in the hustle and bustle of modern life--but practicing mindfulness can help you maintain a positive mindset and respond to daily challenges in healthy ways. Elizabeth Cronin's Mindfulness Journal for Mental Health Prompts and Practices to Improve Your Well-Being (Rockridge Press, 2022) is filled with prompts and practices that support your mental health, encouraging you to deepen your self-awareness and develop healthier thinking patterns so you can truly thrive. What sets this mental health journal apart: 3 pillars of mental health--Nurture your mental health holistically with exercises for emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Different ways to practice--Explore journal prompts, meditations, positive affirmations, and more, that help you cultivate mindfulness. Room to reflect--Find plenty of space to record your thoughts and feelings, so you can reflect deeply on your journey to better mental health. Infuse mindfulness into each day and transform your mental health with this empowering journal.

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