Train like You Play, Because You Will Play like You Train


Listen to this interview of Emad Shihab, Full Professor and Concordia Research Chair in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Concordia University, Canada. We talk about authenticating learning and unlocking potential in people — the true ways to innovate research.

Emad Shihab : "To build a vision, I always say, try to make it ambitious and then break it down. So, just saying, 'I want to change the world,' I mean, it's a great vision but the truth is, nobody knows what their part in that is supposed to be — how can they contribute to you changing the world. That’s why, for me, having a vision is — you try to build whatever it is that the vision is meant to do, then you make sure you break it down into smaller pieces so that people can know the parts that they could play in that vision.”

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