Jeffrey R. Young, "Beyond the MOOC Hype: A Guide to Higher Education’s High-Tech Disruption" (CHE, 2013)


Remember when Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) were going to shake higher education to its foundations by giving courses from the world’s most prestigious colleges and universities away free to the world? Today’s guest, Jeffrey Young – Senior Editor at the online educational publication EdSurge and host of the Edsurge podcast – talks about his time on the front lines of MOOCs and other technology advances in higher education. Jeffrey covered the rise and alleged fall of MOOCs extensively at the Chronicle of Higher Education, as well as exploring the MOOC story beyond the headlines during a Neiman Fellowship at Harvard University. The insights he developed can all be found in his book Beyond the MOOC Hype. (Chronicle of Higher Eduction, 2013) Over a million new people have signed up to take MOOC courses since the COVID-19 crisis hit. Does this represent a MOOC renaissance, or something else? Listen to our wide-ranging discussion to learn more about what MOOCs might mean today.
Jonathan Haber is an educational researcher and consultant working at the intersection of pedagogy, technology, and educational policy. His books include MOOCS and Critical Thinking from MIT Press and his LogicCheck project analyzes the reasoning behind the news of the day. You can read more about Jonathan’s work at

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