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Geography November 23, 2020

Lessons in Environmental Justice

From Civil Rights to Black Lives Matter and Idle No More

Michael Mascarenhas

Hosted by Stentor Danielson
Michael Mascarenhas's book Lessons in Environmental Justice: From Civil Rights to Black Lives Matter and Idle No More (Sage, 2020) provides an entry point to the field by bringing together …

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Sociology November 23, 2020

The Mating Game

How Gender Still Shapes How We Date

Ellen Lamont

Hosted by Michael Johnston
Ellen Lamont's new book The Mating Game: How Gender Still Shapes How We Date (University of California Press, 2020) offers an in-depth analysis of how gender shapes dating practices. Despite enormous changes in …
Van Leer Institute Series on Ideas with Renee Garfinkel November 23, 2020

History and Collective Memory in South Asia, 1200-2000

Sumit Guha

Hosted by Renee Garfinkel
In this far-ranging and erudite exploration of the South Asian past, Sumit Guha discusses the shaping of social and historical memory in world-historical context. He presents memory as the result …
Eastern European Studies November 23, 2020

Intellectuals and Fascism in Interwar Romania

The Criterion Association

Cristina A. Bejan

Hosted by Steven Seegel
In 1930s Bucharest, some of the country's most brilliant young intellectuals converged to form the Criterion Association. Bound by friendship and the dream of a new, modern Romania, their members …
Political Science November 23, 2020

Four Threats

The Recurring Crises of American Democracy

Suzanne Mettler and Robert C. Lieberman

Hosted by Susan Liebell
The United States experienced race-baiting, polarization, executive overreach, and inequality before the presidency of Donald Trump. Does that political history demonstrate resilience – or vulnerability? Suzanne Mettler (John L. Senior …
History November 23, 2020

George III

Madness and Majesty

Jeremy Black

Hosted by Crawford Gribben
King of Britain for sixty years and the last king of what would become the United States, George III inspired both hatred and loyalty and is now best known for …
History November 23, 2020

In the Dragon's Shadow

Southeast Asia in the Chinese Century

Sebastian Strangio

Hosted by Michael Vann
For centuries Southeast Asia has enjoyed a relatively pleasant relationship with China, its massive neighbor to the north. While Chinese merchants and laborers were common throughout the region, with exception …
History November 23, 2020

The Mappae Mundi of Medieval Iceland

Dale Kedwards

Hosted by Joshua Tham
The Icelandic mappae mundi were a series of maps produced in the late medieval period (c. 1225 - c. 1400) that bore witness to fundamental changes in the landscape of …
Indian Ocean World November 23, 2020

The Emergence of the Gulf States

Studies in Modern History

J. E. Peterson

Hosted by Yasmine al-Bastaki
The Emergence of the Gulf States: Studies in Modern History (Bloomsbury, 2016) offers an overview of the history of Saudi Arabia and the five Persian/Arabian Gulf states that emerged from …
Critical Theory November 23, 2020

Identity, Mediation, and the Cunning of Capital

Ani Maitra

Hosted by Stephen Dozeman
The politics of identity have played center stage in many political debates in the last few years, and is often seen somewhat pejoratively as an epiphenomenal manifestation of the dynamics …
Chinese Studies November 20, 2020

Zhuangzi and the Becoming of Nothingness

David Chai

Hosted by Alexus McLeod
Zhuangzi and the Becoming of Nothingness (SUNY Press, 2018) offers a radical rereading of the Daoist classic Zhuangzi by bringing to light the role of nothingness in grounding the cosmological …
African American Studies November 20, 2020

Bind Us Apart

How Enlightened Americans Invented Racial Segregation

Nicholas Guyatt

Hosted by Adam McNeil
Why did the Founding Fathers fail to include blacks and Indians in their cherished proposition that “all men are created equal”? Racism is the usual answer. Yet Nicholas Guyatt argues …
World Affairs November 20, 2020

On Borders

Territories, Legitimacy, and the Rights of Place

Paulina Ochoa Espejo

Hosted by Geoffrey Gordon
When are borders justified? Who has a right to control them? Where should they be drawn? Today people think of borders as an island's shores. Just as beaches delimit a …
Critical Theory November 20, 2020

The Crisis of the Meritocracy

Britain's Transition to Mass Education Since the Second World War

Peter Mandler

Hosted by Dave O'Brien
How did public demand shape education in the 20th century? In The Crisis of the Meritocracy: Britain’s Transition to Mass Education since the Second World War (Oxford UP, 2020), Peter …
Sociology November 20, 2020

Can Music Make You Sick?: Measuring the Price of Musical Ambition

Sally Anne Gross and George Musgrave

Hosted by Michael Johnston
It is often assumed that creative people are prone to psychological instability, and that this explains apparent associations between cultural production and mental health problems. In their detailed study of …
Southeast Asian Studies November 20, 2020


A Modern History

Michael D. Barr

Hosted by Faizah Zakaria
Singapore’s history has generally been represented through a linear, upward trajectory “from Third World to the First,” in the words of the postcolonial state’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew. In …
South Asian Studies November 20, 2020

Jugaad Time

Ecologies of Everyday Hacking in India

Amit S. Rai

Hosted by Sneha Annavarapu
In India, the practice of jugaad—finding workarounds or hacks to solve problems—emerged out of subaltern strategies of negotiating poverty, discrimination, and violence but is now celebrated in management literature as …
European Studies November 20, 2020

European Integration

A Political History

Mark Gilbert

Hosted by Tim Jones
“Awareness of the EU's undeniable past and present importance can - and has - led to complacency and hubris. There is nothing inevitable about European integration". So writes Mark Gilbert …
East Asian Studies November 20, 2020

Securing China's Northwest Frontier

Identity and Insecurity in Xinjiang

David Tobin

Hosted by Ed Pulford
Greater interest in what is happening in the northwestern Chinese region of Xinjiang in recent years has generated a proportional need for context, and especially insights into the politics and …
Education November 20, 2020

Writing Support for International Graduate Students

Enhancing Transition and Success

Shyam Sharma

Hosted by Daniel Shea
Listen to this interview of Shyam Sharma, author of Writing Support for International Graduate Students: Enhancing Transition and Success (Routledge, 2020). We talk about international students and rhetoric, international students …