John Measey

Sep 5, 2022

How to Publish in Biological Sciences

A Guide for the Uninitiated

CRC Press 2022

Listen to this interview of John Measey, Researcher at the Centre for Invasion Biology, Stellenbosch University, South Africa. We talk about the needs of early-career researchers and also about our need for early-career researchers.

John Measey : "What we really need to know is what a scientific journal is for and what we want it to be for. So, we know, more or less, what it was for and where it came from, but what do we want that to be in the twenty-first century, and how will the journal meet rigor, independence, transparency, and replicability? Because we have a lot more potential now than we've ever had before for making knowledge available, so this means that every single publication that's out there, every piece of scientific work — all of it can be used not only one time by one scientist, but again and again and again by all scientists today and to come. So the question here is, How do we want that to be presented? I don't think that we should lose that interpretive manuscript, that (as we call it) journal paper, because it really gives us the insight of what the people who conducted that research did and what they think about what they did. That is a historical document of the time. But I want to ask too: What else can we get that will really make that paper so much more valuable going on into the future? Let's make the data available, let's make the script for the analysis available, let's make the code available — and there's so much more, because these days scientists are producing so much more digital content. So what do we want journals to do, and how do we want them to interact with this availability, with this big data?"

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